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YuDirector of YT Lash & Brow Studio

YT Lash & Brow Studio是來自台灣技術,嫁接睫毛已經有長達5年經驗,所有產品源自於台灣、韓國、日本,全部產品都是經過國家安全檢驗合格。我們的宗旨是讓接上去的睫毛完全零傷害、零負擔。保護們一根原生睫毛都能正常生長,在舒適的環境下我們還會為每一位客人量身打造設計適合每一個人的嫁接款式,讓每位客人都有一副獨一無二的美麗雙眼。



YT Eyelash & Brow Studio was first established in 2014 as a home-based salon in Yishun. Its founder and director Yuting embarked on her eyelash extension journey as a beautician in Taiwan and has mastered the art of lash extensions through years of experience in Singapore. Yuting is also a certified international judge and has participated in various prestigious competitions such as Singapore International Beauty Professional Competition (BPC) in 2017.


YT Eyelash & Brow Studio uses clinical grade adhesives and eyelash products from Taiwan, Korea, and Japan. We are driven by our dedication to provide quality extension services that protect and ensure the health of your natural lashes. Our extensions also come in a variety of lengths, colours, thickness and curl shapes to suit our client’s need and preference. 


At YT Eyelash & Brow Studio, we believe in constant training and upgrading to bring the best experience to our beloved clients.


2014 EYES BEAUTY, TAIWAN – Professional Eyelash Extension Course

(2014 e栗美睫專業全修課程結訓)

2014 EYES BEAUTY, TAIWAN – Advanced Professional Eyelash Extension Course

(2014 e栗美睫專業進階課程結訓)

2014 Taiwan Nail Lash Eyelash Stylist Class 2


2015 JOVISA, TAIWAN – 6Ds Intermediate Training Course (Singapore)

(2015 Jovisa 中階6Ds課程結訓)

2015 The Beauty & Modeling Association of R.O.C (TBMA) , TAIWAN – Full Courses of 6D Eyelash Extensions



  1. 2015 Singapore Nail Association 1st Eyelash Extension On Dummy Head – 2nd Prize

  2. 2016 4th International Cup Beauty Competition and Fashion Demonstration - Honourable Mention

  3. 2017 Golden Tweezers Championship Master Classis (1:1), VIETNAM – Top 5

  4. 2017 Certified International Professional Management Association, Taiwan - 最佳技術獎

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